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Massimiliano Marinacci was born in Rome and grew up in a family of musical artists: his mother is a harpist, his uncles play the saxophone and his grandfather is a pianist and a composer. His love for music started very early on as he fell in love with hip hop, soul, and rap cultures. With an ABC crew, at 18 years of age, his love and curiosity for music flow into a musical research.
He was a resident DJ at Koolparty with an historical figure of italian clubbing, Andrea Torre. Subsequently, he worked at the console of the Alibi Club, a focal point of Roman nightlife offering selections of House along with Jazz and Afro-American music. He performed in various locations in Sardinia (Porto Rotondo, Sassari, Oristano) participating in the Areamito events with italian producer Dj Emix and experimenting with House and minimal electronic. In Rome, he continued on his quest, working at the Muccassassina one-night, at historical club The Akab, in the cave room playing deep soulful house.

His elegance in the garage selection brought him to prestigious locations in Rome: Villa Miani, Villa Dafne, Majestic, Casina di Macchia Madama, Hotel De Russie, Boscolo Hotels, Villa Brasini and the super-exclusive party of high-fashion designer Fendi and at Drive In festival with some of the best producers of deep house music like Kiko Navarro, Julius Papp, Harley&Muscle, Luis Radio, DJ MFR etc. He performed in a number of clubs including La Maison, La Suite, L’Eto’, Shilling, La Rambla, Janga beach, Gilda, Gusto, Neo Club, Deeper club, Saponeria, Loft, Jazz Cafè, Ex Magazzini, Room 26, EUR Convention Center terrace (Palazzo dei Congressi), The Place where he opened the concert for the well-known international artist Pino Daniele and for the highly-regarded roman group Franky and Canthina Band.

Recently has been working as sound engineer at Jazz Festival in Rome for the development of audio techniques. At the point has released the first Ep “Love Supreme EP” on Proceed records with the italian producer Haldo. Also has performed with Groove Assassin, Sarah Favouritizm, Craig Bartlett and Ruben Mancias. His music has been released on MoBlack Records, Solid Ground Recordings, Double Cheese Records, Merecumbe Recordings, Cabana Recordings, Salt Shaker Records to name a few…and working with some of the most known singers as Carla Prather, Wendy Lewis, Fatimah Provillon, and Southafrican rising star Hazel. He has performed at Amsterdam Dance Event Festival in 2015 and 2016 playing at MoBlack Records Party. His tracks were remixed by N’Dinga Gaba, Justin Imperiale, Groove Assassin, Luyo.
Last October has realised the single “I’m Right Here” (MoBlack Records) with Italian producers Spellband and South African singer Hazel flew for 3 months in the Top AfroHouse download chart. In the same weeks has realised Pablito‘s Way with Italian Paolo Pavan Jazzist on Cabana Recordings climbing at # 3 position in the Top Downloads chart Traxsource Afro / Latin / Brazilian