Merecumbe Recordings

Merecumbe Recordings is the brainchild of New York City, now living in Costa Rica, DJ and producer, Doug Gomez. It was established for a number of reasons; first and foremost, to bring soul back to the forefront in music. With the ever expanding genres and the change in times, the soul in music tends to lose its path and it’s our mission to remind the new generations that music is not just a mind or a body thing, it’s something you feel inside.

What does Merecumbe mean you ask? The traditional definition: A style of music formed in Colombia that combined both Cumbia and Merengue. Other definitions or uses can go back to the late 60’s, early 70’s, when it was used famously by Salsa greats to define the sound they were offering. Kind of like “We bring the funk”, well they brought the “Merecumbe”. Our definition, it’s a mix of afro, latin rhythms, heavy on percussion and organic instruments and full of SOUL. We go DEEP to ORGANIC, but always something you will feel in your body and soul, as cliche as that may sound.

We promise to bring creative and honest music from artists from all over the world and all walks of life. For music is what bonds us all. And for our fellow producers/artists, we encourage you to send us your music, that you feel may make a good fit with our vision.


Doug Gomez worked wonders at the desk in 2016 and finished the year in fine style with his remix of N’dina Gaba’s ‘Beautiful’ on Global Diplomacy hitting the Traxsource number 1 spot on the afro chart and #2 spot on the top 100. Other big releases this year included ‘Collares’ on MoBlack Records, ‘Disruptive’ with Ayaba on Tambor Music, ‘Barrio Soul’ on United Music Records and the amazing ‘Warriors Dance’ featuring Martino on Boddhi Satva’s Offering Recordings. Other releases and remixes in 2016 included Unquantize, Cabana, King Street Sounds, Sole Channel, Arawakan, Deep Culture Music, Toy Tonics, Good For You Recordings, Gents and Dandy’s, Plastik Recordings and Pocket Money.

2017 sees no slowing down either, expect more releases and remixes on many other labels including Shelter, King Street Sounds, Musik 4 Tomorrow, Vida Records, Sunclock and of course, Merecumbe Recordings.